Is Your Operation Future Ready?

April 26, 2024
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Is Your Operation Future Ready? Why Now is the Time to Find Out

With all the talk of uncertainty in supply chains, one thing is certain; Automation, Robotics and AI have arrived and are shaping the way organizations set up and operate their supply chains. From autonomous robots to RPAs (robotic process automation), the number of solutions emerging in today’s warehouses, DCs, and FCs is staggering. These solutions are delivering significant value, primarily because they can help:

  • Improve speed and accuracy of routine operations, particularly in warehousing and manufacturing.
  • Add efficiency through side-by-side work with humans.
  • Reduce the risk of employee injury in dangerous environments.

Automation, robotics, and AI are defining the supply chain of the future by helping companies decrease long-term costs, reduce labor and utilization instability, advance worker efficiency, improve inventory accuracy by reducing error rates, optimize picking, sorting and storing efficiency, and reducing employee injury frequency.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder organizations are rushing to implement these solutions in their facilities.

While the benefits are obvious and wide-ranging, organizations should be prudent in their approach to adopting the right solution for their operation. All too often, companies get caught up in the benefits and rush to implement a technology that isn’t the right fit for their business or may be the right fit, but their operation is not ready to implement. At The TAC Group, we’re here to guide you through the process of sourcing, selecting, and implementing the technology that makes the most sense for your business. We assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Perform an Operations Assessment – this will help determine where to make the right investment by reviewing the people, processes/systems, and physical layout and design to identify which areas have the most opportunity. The assessment will also help identify any gaps/improvements that should be addressed before layering in new technologies. We’ll also provide a summary of all observations, a prioritization of issues, and a roadmap to resolve.
  • Leadership Development – adopting and implementing new technologies often requires the upskilling of your current workforce in order to maximize the benefits of the solution. The TAC Group will curate a training program designed to meet the needs of your business and will provide the hands-on training that will take your team to new heights.
  • Implementation and Post Implementation Support – our team will work alongside the client and the vendor teams to ensure the implementation is delivered on time and on budget. We’ll stick around once the implementation is complete to help train staff on how to effectively operate the new technology, providing an experienced and steady hand to guide your team through the challenging post-implementation phase.

There are additional benefits to AI, Automation, and Robotics, including:

  • Advanced learning by collecting and analyzing machine data.
  • Improved workforce safety by eliminating/minimizing work in hazardous environments for employees.
  • Enhanced corporate brand by signaling leading-edge practices and implementation of innovative technology.
  • Increased employee value through a focus on strategic work instead of mundane tasks.

Future Ready Your Operation with Confidence

The need to make sound business decisions to evolve supply chain operations is more critical than ever. Using a fact-based, data-driven approach through an operations assessment will provide the needed confidence to execute your initiatives. Leverage The TAC Group’s expertise for your next operations assessment.

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