Relying on the way it’s always been done can open you up to risks, inefficiencies, and unnecessary expenses.

At The TAC Group, we have created a Distribution Optimization Method that allows you to plug your holes, see your future opportunities, and optimize your current service levels, all with us right by your side.

Our practical approach allows The TAC Group to seamlessly guide your team through the optimization process to be sure the effects last for years to come.

three people, all wearing vests walking and talking in warehouse about something that is written on a clipboard.

Maximize your ROI and minimize time to value.

Our Method:

Step 1

TAC Operational Assessment

The TAC Assessment uncovers leaks in your operation and areas poised for improvement. Without this fundamental knowledge operational decisions are made in the dark. The findings allow us to customize the right operational optimization solution to meet your objectives.

Step 2

Benchmarking Productivity + Establishing KPI’s

We use our findings to set measurable standards and KPI’s so that you can confidently predict demand forecasting, route optimization, inventory management, and risk management. This allows you total visibility in real-time on your service level.

Step 3

Lean Performance Management

The TAC Group will be part of your team during your implementation process to not only put into place the recommended optimization plan, but to help build a company culture that supports continuous improvement.

Step 4

Continuous Improvement

People and processes must work collectively for operational optimization. Employee buy-in is a vital component. The TAC Group will create training events for all levels of your organization to feel valued and heard throughout the optimization process.

Step 5

Fractional Management Support Roles

We are here for all of your operational needs including interim management support for new growth, acquisition, or turnover. Maybe it’s just that you need more resources during a facility start-up, new process implementation, or project management. Whatever the need, The TAC Group has you covered!

Your Results

"The TAC Group exceeded expectations with their professionalism, efficiency, and tailored solutions that optimized our operations, reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction."
Jon B.
VP of Operations, a marine supply manufacturer

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