At The TAC Group, we know numbers are your operational guideposts.

Not tracking your numbers properly can have huge ramifications on your bottom line. That’s why The TAC Group has developed a robust Labor Management Program that allows you to maximize your output while minimizing your labor spend.

Our program is formed by industrial engineering and Lean Six Sigma principles to allow us to customize our hands-on approach to coaching and mentoring your team to maximize efficiency and achieve your company’s goals.

The TAC Group team will:
Warehouse workers walking to check details stock product and moving goods and counting stock in the warehouse., Industrial and industrial concept.

Integrating your customized labor management program will allow you to:

be more nimble

adapt quicker

close productivity gaps

have better workplace visibility

create performance metrics

become an employer of choice

“Zack helped to implement automation and reporting KPI’s that allowed us to reduce costs significantly. He was very easy to work with and was able to connect with all levels of staff. I would recommend him!”
Debora G.
CEO, Third Party Logistics

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