Obsolete systems are holding you back.

Whether you’re running e-commerce fulfillment, grocery distribution, or an industrial manufacturing floor, a well-crafted supply chain strategy is a must-have to compete in today’s dynamic fast-paced market.

With the ever-increasing demand of product delivery, it is vital you are not relying on legacy systems to operate in today’s world of instant visibility, tracking demand, and AI.

The TAC Group will work alongside you to map a strategic vision, positioning your company for sustainable growth and profitability.

Mature warehouse worker racking up cardboard boxes while working in storage compartment.

We’ll focus on these key areas to achieve your objectives:

Logistics Network Strategy

Minimize total logistics costs while enhancing your service. Ensure your facilities are strategically positioned to provide the best service at the lowest cost. The TAC Group has the tools and knowledge to make this a reality.

Transportation Strategy

Transportation cost management is the key to getting your product in your customers’ hands quickly while maximizing profitability. The TAC Group will analyze your transportation spend and carrier relationships to ensure customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Systems

With the rapid increase of automated and robotic solutions, the need for real-time data and enhanced visibility is a must-do for your operation. It’s mission-critical that you have the right supply chain systems in place to ensure your operation is future-ready.
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The TAC Group will help you select and implement:

The TAC Group will be right by your side with change management support and guide you on technology and operation solutions that make sense for you.

"Zack was brought onto a difficult WMS implementation to provide operational and system support. He was able to quickly assess the client’s operations and recommend changes in processes and warehouse layout to improve efficiencies. With his WMS knowledge, Zack supported troubleshooting system issues and recommended configuration changes to improve how the WMS supported operations. Zack helped turn the tide of a tough situation."
Jimmy V.
Principal Supply Chain Specialist, Blue Lizard Advisory Group

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