Third Party Logistics (3PL)


The TAC Group believes that 3PL solutions can provide a myriad of strategic advantages.

The right 3PL partners can allow your company to focus on its core competencies and foster growth without capital investment in your distribution operations.

But…The wrong 3PL can cause big headaches and jeopardize your brand.

Choosing your 3PL wisely is imperative.

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The TAC Group assists with 3PL Selection + Implementation:


The TAC Group will determine if your operation will succeed with a 3PL Partner or if modifications to your in-house operations will accomplish your goals.

Services may include:

  • Current Operations Assessment
  • 3PL Feasibility Study
  • 3PL Requirements Development
  • Data Prep and Cleanse for RFP
  • 3PL Selection Strategy


The selection process can be daunting. The TAC Group will seamlessly guide you through the process for you to select the best 3PL Partner to achieve your goals.

Services Include:

  • Bidder Pool Creation
  • Bid Administration and Submission Evaluation
  • Down Selection
  • Site Visits and Pitch Meetings
  • Round of Proposal Evaluation
  • Award of Business


The setup phase of your project is a critical time to be sure you have communicated your expectations clearly and have a strong foundation for your ongoing relationship. The TAC Group will be by your side step-by-step to ensure a smooth transition.

Services include:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Start-Up Oversight
  • Plan Development and Execution
  • On-Site Startup Support


The TAC Group understands there can be bumps in the road like any relationship. Bring in the team at The TAC Group to get your 3PL relationship back on track.

Services include:

  • Renegotiate Contracts
  • Create Effective Communication Channels
  • Address Service Issues (while keeping the relationship intact)
  • On-Site Support During New Product Implementation
  • Assistance in Company Scaling Initiatives

Utilizing The TAC Group as your 3PL Consultant allows you to focus on business growth while building a long-lasting Third Party Logistics relationship without compromising service.

“Zack was the Campus Leader for ADUSA and his leadership in pursuing continuous improvements and fostering a spirit of partnership among the different companies working under one roof was a key enabler for the success of the project.”
Mariso T.
Senior Vice President, FHI (Third Party Logistics company)

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